How to lift your FRS/BRZ properly

Honestly we have gotten this call –  Better be safe that sorry and as always if you are not sure seek a local mechanic shop.


We thought this would be important to know as now a days many people with little to no knowledge  on car safety attempt to work on their own car whether it is to save money or gain experience and lack general knowledge of safety. We have been asked how do you jack up a FRS/BRZ that is why we feel this important to share this information. Safety is very important anytime you go under a car. We are only sharing this information and are not responsible for any damages you may do if you perform the work without a professional.


Support locations

Jacking points

(1) Jack-up point

• Pantograph jack

When storing the jack holder after use, store with the jack handle mount of the jack facing the inside of the trunk.


(1) Jack-up point

  • Jack-up point (When using a garage jack)


    (A) Front (B) Rear
    (1) Frame (2) Rear differential

    If jacking up the front side of the vehicle, make sure that the jack is attached at the center of the jack- up plate not at the sides.

  • Lift

lift points

For models with side under skirt, use a spacer or an attachment to lift up the vehicle securely at jack up point, without contact of side under skirt and lift.

Rigid rack

jackstand point


Tie-downs are used when transporting vehicles and when using the chassis dynamo. Attach tie-down only to the specified locations on the vehicle.

• Tie-down location

tiedown locations

(1) Hook for tie-down (2) Tie-down hole

• Chain direction at tie-down condition

• Pull the front and rear of the vehicle in the opposite direction, and pull the left and right of the vehicle in the same direction.
• Patterns except for the followings (recommended) are not allowed.

tiedown direction